Life Coaching in Calgary - What Is It Like?

Life Coaching in Calgary: What Is It Like?

This is the question I get asked all of the time by the curious, and I’m happy to answer it today on the blog and give an example of what it is actually like inside of a life coaching session, and what it is like being a life coach in Calgary.

I’ll start with noting that there can be some big differences between types of sessions, but there are some common themes that have come up in the 1000 people I’ve worked with.

Generally I will be contacted by a client because they have a goal, and they are finding that they are getting tired of circling around that desired goal, but never quite breaking through . At its most basic description, life coaching is focused on helping a client elevate domains of their life, by giving them the tools to take more effective action and get results.

Sometimes the goal is simply to just get clear. I have worked with many life coaching clients who needed to get clear on their lives. A great example is high performance athletes. I’ve worked with many athletes from national and olympic teams who - because of the nature of their sport - have not had the time to do deeper exploration of their values, interests and visions for life. Many of them have been returning to school or retiring from sport and getting ready to develop their identity outside of sport. With these clients I may use a variety of psychometric tools that give them a detailed picture on their naturally occuring strengths, talents and interests. I also explore opportunities with them, watching carefully as they cover different topics, listening for changes in their voice, body language and tonality. Coaches are trained to be acutely aware of subtle shifts in a client’s energy, mood and conversation.

Sometimes the goal is to move forward. We live in a complex world and most of us have multiple income streams, projects, commitments, email accounts and browser tabs open. Many, many of my life coaching sessions have been with people who have rich, varied lives with plenty of the above, but they realize that they need to finally sit down, take stock of all of the things they have going on, and evaluate them. These are some of my favourite appointments, and we call these the Life Strategy Sessions. We will map out all of the domains of a client’s life, from finances, to faith, to family and career. We get clear on the client’s values and priorities. We get clear on what they want more of, and what they want less of, and then we understand why they are in the current lifestyle that they have. The strategy session carves out the time and space that us humans rarely do, to reflect, assess and then strategize. We look at the rest of the year and get clear on opportunities and strengths. The life domains map that we draw is an excellent tool.

The detailed coaching work begins when we address the real reason they are not moving forward or in the space that they want to be. It comes down to subtle influencers - limiting beliefs, particular mindsets, personality preferences and the environments in which we operate.

In a life coaching session in Calgary, I focus on building greater awareness, so that a client realizes they have greater choices that lead to the results they want. In my own life, a great example of this is the process I went through, to make the leap from full time embedded coaching at a top research University, to the terrifying unknown of solo entrepreneurship. I found myself stalling on the actual action steps I needed to take, and it wasn’t until a solid life coaching session that I was able to break through and get moving on the website, blog, and business activities I knew I needed to accomplish. With a coach I was able to safely dive deeper and explore limits and barriers, and deconstruct what turned out to be some real limiting beliefs - and fear - around whether I could financially make entrepreneurship work.

Working with that life coach, I was able to deconstruct these beliefs and realize they were very outdated narratives. That happened in a 30 minute conversation and it finally released the hold they had on my mind.

I found myself finally booking the zoom webinars, writing the blog and showing up in my business the way I knew I needed to but just wasn’t doing.

Coaches are highly trained in body language, energy, reading subtle cues and having the intellectual horsepower to explore different elements in a conversation around moving forward. They are entirely present in the conversation, but also scanning with the goal of assisting you in breaking through the sound barriers which they can pick up on. It’s using powerful science - human behaviour, mindset and psychology, but also the exquisite art of human interaction.

in this busy and rather complex set up that we have in 2019, to undertake a life coaching session for the price of a meal out, is to dedicate an hour to yourself. It is a chance to sit down and block out the overwhelm, get clear on where you are at and where you are going, and what is truly important to you. A good life coach will use a number of coaching models and explain them to you, with the goal of you being able to use them going forward to break through to your full potential. Our goal is for you to not need us, because you will become your own greatest life coach.

If you are interested in finally taking that powerful 60 minutes, getting out of overwhelm and into organized, just drop me a message. Personally, it’s the best date you could take yourself on!

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