Customized small group workshops, seminars and coaching sessions.

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small group interactive workshop & seminar

high-performance sport

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in our professions we face unique circumstances and situations, further complicated by human dynamics.

All professional development coaching and seminars involve research and a keen sense of the unique challenges that face individuals and teams.

In addition to the latest research and high-impact presentations, we infuse delivery with conversation, sharing and insights from the floor. Certified in several psychometric instruments, Carina ensures that the session’s objectives are taken up and embedded in the personalities and strengths of attendees.

For lasting behavioural and mindset shifts, the deeper tools and models used in professional coaching are introduced. These may include social and emotional intelligence, principles of leadership and somatics / body language as well as a deeper look at the gap between information and action.

All seminars involve the option of 1:1 follow up and professional development plans.