Since 2013, I have helped more than 1000 people step back, get clear and break through.


Internationally trained through Newfield Network and certified as a coach by the International Coach Federation. Active professional membership in the ICF which facilitates ongoing professional development and education.

Affiliate Member of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School. The IOC ensures its membership has access to the latest coaching resources, tools and research across all disciplines of coaching.

Psychometric practitioner - Multiple qualifications - expert knowledge in personality, body language, career and interest exploration and strengths-based leadership.

Award-winning instructor, with experience designing and facilitating custom professional development workshops for clients like Alberta Children’s Hospital (Pediatric Oncology and Hematology) and our Olympic development teams at WinSport.

8 years experience as an embedded developmental coach at a top research University.

This experience gave me a rich research background in human potential and my coaching models were developed through the latest research and on-the-ground application with clients.

I am passionate about crafting presentations that are USEFUL. They must be research backed, engaging and bought to life with rich examples and narrative. Professional development can be motivational and fun!

Masters Degree in Strategic Studies - I work with clients to help them see their lives from both the higher strategic level and at the tactical / execution level. We look at both the forest and the trees.

I have a passion for writing and social media strategy, and am well-versed in online entrepreneurship. A multi-passionate myself, I have several successful ventures including a Shopify and Etsy store.

I am an expert in the psychology of social media (my Masters Degree research) and am an Instagram expert, managing several accounts on behalf of clients and consulting on the side.

I am a lifelong learner, and enjoy experimenting with the new world of work and lifestyle design.

My core values are kindness and respect.